June 4, 2023


Moving Forward

This New Crypto Freelance Project Will Replace Upwork & Fiverr

In the earlier number of decades, freelancing has grown massively, with distant workers trying to get adaptable do the job solutions. With web sites like Upwork and Fiverr, freelancers can gain funds doing something they enjoy. In the commencing, these platforms have been decently effective, but challenges quickly arose, which include subpar get the job done, gradual payments, and no local community to steer the industry forward.

Having said that, Deelance (DLANCE) is a new contender with a World-wide-web3-primarily based decentralized system which is established to revolutionize freelancing and put an conclude to the latest difficulties. It has tons of awesome capabilities, like lower service fees, quick payouts, and zero fraud, in comparison to Upwork, Fiverr, and so forth. Not too long ago, it is manufactured a great deal of excitement in the freelancing globe, and quite a few experts believe it’ll before long be the top rated system.

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Revolutionizing Recruitment: DeeLance disrupts a Billion-Dollar Industry

According to IBISWorld, $761 billion is spent worldwide on recruitment and human resources services. Yet, recruiting is still a big problem for organizations struggling to find the right resources. Hiring someone from a freelancing platform has the same problems.

That’s what DeeLance is trying to fix by competing directly with Fiverr and Upwork in the recruiting industry. To start with, DeeLance uses blockchain to track all transactions and create a safe and secure way to pay. Second, there’s an NFT-based marketplace where you, as a freelancer, can show off your work to clients, and employers can check out your portfolios.

The platform will also cut out intermediaries, making the recruitment process cheaper. Freelancers won’t have to worry about platform fees eating into their earnings, which means they won’t have to increase their service fees just to make ends meet. This will give them a better chance of getting hired.

And that’s not all! Employers will benefit from a platform that gives them real value for their money. They won’t have to pay extra just to get a decent service.

DeeLance also plans to speed up payments on the platform. Freelancers will receive their payment as soon as their work is approved by the client, which is going to be a big relief for them. Plus, since everyone will be dealing in cryptocurrencies, they won’t have to worry about exchange rates and fees.

DeeLance aims to solve every problem in the traditional freelance environment. Freelancers and employers will be able to do their work openly and efficiently without any hassle.

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The Integration Of NFTs And Metaverse Into Recruitment

One of the cool things about DeeLance compared to Upwork and Fiverr is that it connects recruitment with NFT avatars and a digital Metaverse.

It won’t have any “GameFi” elements which means you can communicate with others and establish new connections in the Metaverse using your NFT avatar. The NFT can also safeguard freelancers’ and employers’ content and services, so once the delivery date and payment are agreed upon, easy ownership verification can be accomplished. 

In addition, the payment structure is transparent and safe with blockchain technology. Smart contracts will keep track of platform transactions, so freelancers will always get paid, and clients will always get their stuff. This system eliminates the need for middlemen and third-party agencies to oversee transactions.

For a more immersive experience, DeeLance lets members customize their own NFT avatars that can be used for socializing and networking.

Additionally, the platform’s goal is to create micro-communities where buyers and freelancers can meet, collaborate, and network. Through its digital work ownership model, DeeLance strives to streamline processes, streamline business, and reduce operational costs.

DeeLance’s innovative concept is unique to the freelancing space, so it’s catching the attention of industry analysts. As they see it, this project has the potential to bring huge gains.

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Don’t Pay For Connects – Find Customers For Free

When it comes to Upwork, you might know you need to buy connects, and the more valuable or high-paying projects require more connects, which means you have to spend more if you want to be hired. In fact, only about 20% of freelancers on Upwork get hired, while the rest just struggle. Also, the

But on DeeLance, there aren’t any of those things, and you can get hired easily. DeeLance only charges 10% of your income. Moreover, Upwork and Fiverr typically take five to ten days to release payments to freelancer accounts, but DeeLance pays instantly in crypto.

Furthermore, DeeLance Metaverse access is free of charge, so you can interact with clients and freelancers without any additional fees.

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DLANCE Tokenomics And Presale Stats

DLANCE token is the backbone of DeeLance’s ecosystem. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it serves as the primary asset for buying and selling NFTs, posting ads in the Metaverse, purchasing land and offices, and more as the ecosystem matures. 

As of right now, DLANCE tokens are available for only $0.025 per token during the first presale. A total of 60,000,000 tokens will be reserved for this round, with a $1,500,000 fundraising goal. The second round will have 74,074,074 tokens and a $2 million fundraising goal, and you will be able to purchase DLANCE tokens for $0.027 per token.

Finally, the third and final phase allocates 83,333,333 tokens with a goal of raising $2,500,000. In this round, DLANCE can be acquired for $0.030 per token.

In total, 1 billion tokens will be available to buy in a three-staged presale, and thanks to the features DeeLance plans to offer freelancers, it will be a big hit in no time.

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The freelance industry is becoming more popular, and DeeLance has the potential to be a leader with its use of Web3 technology, Metaverse integration, and NFTs. The platform’s fresh ideas are putting it ahead of the competition, and as the market becomes more user-driven, DeeLance’s innovative approach is pointing the way forward for the industry. The time is right to become a part of this amazing platform, so buy DLANCE tokens now!