December 1, 2023


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How to Use ChatGPT As Freelance Writer to Make Job Easier

  • Freelance fiscal author Tony Dong takes advantage of ChatGPT to get extra out of his do the job days.
  • It can help him examine info and manage his strategies into information outlines.
  • It also assists him produce persuasive headlines for his article content.

Employees across diverse industries are making use of ChatGPT, a bot introduced by OpenAI in November 2022, to make their work easier.

The AI resource can offer serious estate guidance, aid you begin a business, and even prepare you for a income negotiation.

20-7-year-outdated freelance monetary author Tony Dong informed Insider that he’s working with it to get much more out of his do the job days.

“ChatGPT has been an wonderful digital assistant,” reported the Vancouver-based author, who brought in 149,000 Canadian bucks in 2022, according to documents seen by Insider — and he estimates that he labored just 30 hrs for every 7 days. (His earnings change to about $115,000 applying the Bank of Canada’s common 2022 exchange price for USD, which was 1.30).

The AI resource “can not compose article content,” pressured Dong, who has tested its producing capability by providing it prompts for posts he is previously penned. “I even pasted the posting outline in to see what it spits out, and it gets to be nothing at all near to what I’ve published. It truly is much too vague. It’s much too generalized. There is a large amount of misleading references. The information is outdated.”

Even if it was greater at writing, he wouldn’t want to use it for that purpose, he added: “I have an audience of viewers that browse points that I publish. They don’t want to examine a little something that AI writes.”

Which is why, “as a tool, I do not think writers should really fear it,” reported Dong. “At some level, you have to learn how to do the job with the software alternatively of fearing it. If you fear it you happen to be hardly ever going to fully grasp it.” 

Right here are 3 methods Dong utilizes ChatGPT to do the job far more efficiently. 

1. It helps him assess details

ChatGPT is “terrific at synthesizing data,” said Dong, which is valuable for him as a economic writer, but any one whose part needs gathering and analyzing knowledge could use this perform to make their position a tiny simpler. 

“For occasion, if I needed to parse an earnings report from Microsoft, I can copy the earnings report in there and question it to give me the essential highlights in terms of what an equity analyst and investor would glimpse for,” he described. “It’ll spit out some thing like: The earnings per share amplified by X total and gross earnings improved by X.”

That saves him potentially hrs of “scrolling as a result of, copying and pasting, and hashing it out myself,” he stated.

2. It organizes his ideas into articles outlines 

When pitching posting tips to editors, Dong normally sends a articles outline. 

This is something that ChatGPT can very easily put collectively for him. He’ll talk to it one thing like, “I have an article on the finest S&P 500 ETFs. Can you compose me 3 illustrations of prospective outlines with titles and subheads? And it’ll do that no difficulty.”

This is especially helpful if he’s masking a matter he is considerably less acquainted with, he reported: “If I experienced to write about Apple as a organization, I really don’t know anything about Apple. I’m not a stock picker. I would say, ‘hey ChatGPT, tell me five exciting things about Apple as an investment.'”

In this instance, it might give him information about how significantly Apple’s revenue amplified when they released a certain merchandise. 

Of system,”as a author, you have to go simple fact look at that,” he emphasised. ChatGPT is not usually correct. “I’ll go pull Apple’s economic statements. But now that I know what I’m hunting for I have a setting up position for my investigate.”

3. He asks it for compelling headlines  

An essential section of a writer’s task is coming up with headlines for every single write-up. 

Which is never come quick for Dong, he explained: “I’m not a extremely artistic man or woman. I wrestle with making titles,” so he’s started off inquiring ChatGPT for enable. 

For case in point, when he was creating an write-up about cyber stability ETFs, he instructed the chatbot, “I’m writing an report on cyber security trade traded funds. Give me 3 examples of an intriguing, powerful, and exciting title,'” he mentioned, noting: “You have to be extremely particular with the prompts.” 

His favourite between the results was, “Keep In advance of The Menace: 3 Cyber Protection ETFs For the Long run,” he claimed. “I beloved it. I would have in no way thought about that.” 

When it comes to applying ChatGPT successfully, “you have to have an understanding of the limitations of the tool but also recognize that it operates with what you give it,” claimed Dong. “You require to give it quite good inputs.”