June 1, 2023


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How to Start a Business With $100 Using ChatGPT, AI Tools

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This article at first appeared on Business enterprise Insider.

Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT rolled out final November, employees — like developers and realtors — have been utilizing the AI software to aid with their positions. Now one user is striving to flip prompts into riches.

Jackson Greathouse Drop, a model designer and writer, took to Twitter last week to share a prompt that he gave the chatbot.

“You have $100, and your aim is to convert that into as substantially cash as probable in the shortest time doable, with out doing something illegal,” Greathouse Drop wrote, adding that he would be the “human counterpart” and “do anything” that the chatbot instructed him to do.

Soon after a range of subsequent queries, the bot instructed Greathouse Tumble to start a business enterprise termed Environmentally friendly Gadget Expert, which it stated features products and solutions and ideas to support individuals reside a more sustainable way of life.

Many thanks to ChatGPT — alongside with other AI applications like picture-generator DALL-E — Greathouse Drop said that he managed to elevate $1,378.84 in resources for his business in just a person day, however Insider could not verify that quantity. The firm is now valued at $25,000, according to a tweet by Greathouse Tumble. As of Monday, he claimed that his business enterprise experienced created $130 in earnings, while Insider was not ready to verify that sum or how it was produced.

He also applied AI to create a expert-seeking web page for his business. The website involves mock products and solutions like green gadgets and sustainable kitchenware.

He mentioned that he is open up to producing items or advertising present items for commissions, if the chatbot tells him to.

“We’re actively discovering partnerships to promote some of those people things,” he advised Insider in an email.

So much, he’s delighted with the results.

“TLDR I am about to be wealthy,” he tweeted.

In this article is how Greathouse Drop used AI to start his business enterprise in a person day:

ChatGPT furnished a 4-phase prepare to get Green Gadget Expert off the ground and requested Greathouse Fall to preserve it current on how points were being likely he was ready to execute all four methods in one particular working day.

Stage one particular: “Invest in a area and web hosting”

Initially, ChatGPT advised that he ought to purchase a internet site area identify for around $10, as very well as a website-hosting plan for about $5 for every thirty day period — amounting to a complete price tag of $15.

Step two: “Set up a market affiliate web page”

ChatGPT instructed that he need to use the remaining $85 in his budget for web-site and material structure. It claimed that he should really target on a “rewarding market with low competitors,” listing possibilities like specialty kitchen gadgets and one of a kind pet supplies. He went with eco-pleasant merchandise.

The chatbot needed him to build an affiliate web page — a web page that promotes merchandise in trade for revenue commissions — so it informed him to investigation affiliate courses with superior commission costs.

From there, ChatGPT instructed the area identify EcoFriendlyFinds.com. But when Greathouse Tumble uncovered the area identify expense $848 to obtain, it proposed a single that was much more economical: GreenGadgetsGuru.com. He bought it for $8.16, he mentioned, then expended $29 on web page internet hosting — which gave him a remaining price range of $62.84.

Step a few: “Leverage social media”

The moment the site was manufactured, ChatGPT proposed that he should share articles and products critiques on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and on online local community platforms this sort of as Reddit to engage opportunity consumers and generate internet site visitors.

He also asked the chatbot for support developing a web page logo by asking it for prompts he could feed into the AI impression-generator DALL-E 2. He took the created brand and built it his possess utilizing Illustrator.

The moment that was completed, he had ChatGPT publish the site’s first article — “Ten Eco Helpful Kitchen Gizmos” — which he explained cited actual sustainable products like Yihong’s reusable metal straws.

Up coming, he followed the chatbot’s recommendation to expend $40 of the remaining budget on Facebook and Instagram commercials to target end users intrigued in sustainability and eco-friendly items.

Move 4: “Enhance for lookup engines”

Phase 4 was to “enhance for lookup engines” by working with Seo techniques to generate web-site website traffic. On top of making Seo-welcoming web site posts, he determined to start the web page to deliver in publicity — even though he however experienced a whole lot of do the job to do on it.

The end result?

By the finish of the initially working day, he said he secured $500 in investments. When Greathouse Tumble failed to disclose his traders, he tweeted that his “DMs are flooded” and that he is “not getting any more traders until the conditions are hugely favorable.”

Five times later on, on Monday, he tweeted that he is organizing to update his followers on his “HustleGPT journey” every single working day for 30 times.

“I believe we’re likely to see a enormous growth in AI-assisted or even AI-led (!!!) firms about the subsequent couple months,” he explained to Insider.