November 29, 2023


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‘Freelance’: John Cena Is a Special Forces Vet in Action-Comedy from Director of ‘Taken’

Civilian lifestyle out in the real planet can be very uninteresting when your previous navy job was entire of motion and journey. It’s a feeling practically everyone who served can relate to in some way special operators most likely truly feel that way all the time. John Cena performs these kinds of a veteran in the new motion comedy “Freelance,” directed by Pierre Morel (“Taken”).

Cena stars as Mason Pettits, a former Unique Forces soldier who leaves the Army and requires a “soul-crushing” job as an attorney. When a buddy (Christian Slater, “Mr. Robot”) offers him a freelance option to do the job in his picked career at the time additional (and for a huge payday), he reluctantly agrees.

Claire Wellington (Alison Brie, “GLOW”) is a journalist, pressured to resign from her job soon after it was found out significant sources in a story she documented were lying in their statements. To restore her job, Wellington goes to the fictional nation of Paldonia to job interview its unpopular dictator (likely as a freelancer), President Venegas (Juan Pablo Raba, “Six”).

Wellington will get to be the very first reporter on the ground when somebody disappointed with the routine and its dictator phases a coup as she rides in the presidential motorcade. The good thing is, Pettits’ freelance gig is doing work as her stability. He will save her from the attack on the motorcade, inadvertently rescuing the dictator, also. The three then escape into the jungle.

“I am with the president of a country in the center of a coup. This is the scoop of a life time,” Wellington tells Cena’s Pettits. To which he replies, “You gotta be alive to have the scoop of a life span.”

After in the jungle, the trio should survive as a rebel drive hunts down Venegas, who presumably will not likely go away Pettits’ aspect, while Pettits tries to keep his charge alive and pocket his $20,000. Believe of a funnier edition of “Commando,” exactly where Arnold Schwarzenegger accidentally began preventing for the dictator of Val Verde rather of capturing him out of a second-floor window with a shotgun.

Pierre Morel not only directed “Taken,” but also a quantity of other motion movies. His bona fides consist of 2010’s “From Paris with Enjoy,” the 2015 Sean Penn-Idris Elba thriller “The Gunman” and “The Ambush,” an Arabic language motion picture from the United Arab Emirates that turned the country’s best-grossing film ever.

“Freelance” was written by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” writer Jacob Lentz and also options Alice Eve (“Bombshell”), ​​Marton Csokas (“The Equalizer”) and Sebastian Eslava (“Narcos”). Capture it in theaters Oct. 6, 2023.

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