March 26, 2023


Moving Forward

Entrepreneur looking to redesign Jamaica | News

On the heels of Jamaica’s diamond jubilee celebrations, Paul Thompson is redesigning the island by artificial intelligence.

Thompson, 39, describes himself as a creative technologist. He has been sharing illustrations of future uniforms for some of this island nation’s public and personal sector personnel by means of his Twitter account.

“I began this year thinking of a discussion I had with a great good friend of mine a couple several years back. We were wondering about Jamaica, hunting ahead, and we were stating if we ended up to redesign Jamaica, what would it glance like? What would the Republic of Jamaica glance like?” he mentioned with a snicker.

All sporting the nationwide colors of black, green and gold, Thompson’s renderings carry an aura of Afro-futurism. They include things like uniforms for pupils, bus and taxi operators, nurses, law enforcement officers, magistrates, soldiers and a host of other civil servants. Thompson explained that as a result of his firm, Hello Scribe, he developed the software package that arrived up with the drawings.

He explained, “I am not a designer. So I wouldn’t want to fake to be a thing that individuals in Jamaica or lots of illustrious individuals would have expended a long time of their lifetime accomplishing and be pretending to be them. I do, nonetheless, have entry to, and have created technology that permits me to be equipped to generate artwork and layouts employing artificial intelligence. So what you are observing there is a product or service of some of people experiments.” According to Thompson, the illustrations are his contribution to a much larger discussion.

“After 60 decades, our Supreme Court docket justices nonetheless use wigs. Our community officials, our policemen still dress like the colonial constabulary. So if we are reimagining a Jamaica of the future, we have to assume about what this new point glimpse like,” he explained. “The actual reason behind even posting these factors on the net is definitely to promote a dialogue about our country at big and exactly where we are likely, and commence to assist folks have interaction their imaginations in what is feasible and how that basic gesture like a change of uniform may translate into other parts of the modern society.”

He included, “If the Supreme Court judges glance that way then how do our buildings look? How does our community transportation glance? How do we just take treatment of lower income sustainable housing? How does even the passport application kind that you fill out, how is that developed? How is the bureaucratic processes suitable in the course of our federal government developed? And then you start out to truly imagine about how you truly style and design a country that functions for most people.”

The St Elizabeth indigenous explained to THE STAR that even though only a tiny piece of the puzzle, creating areas for folks to display screen their national delight on a daily basis could have a much reaching good influence on the culture.

“Jamaica is trending in all places other than in Jamaica. I really feel like there is an opportunity for us to make Jamaica craze in Jamaica each day. You will find a purpose for everyone to participate in in executing that. And the uniforms may just be 1 little element of that, but you truly feel like seh if we are capable to really feel very good about ourselves on a day by day foundation, then that sensation will translate into other very good issues in the culture at large,” he claimed.